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The Giving Partner, presented by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, enables all of us to explore how local nonprofit organizations are making a difference in the greater Sarasota area.

As a centralized nonprofit directory for year-round awareness, engagement, and giving, this is a trusted resource for grantmakers and other entities in their philanthropic research. This powerful, searchable database contains over 700 profiles of 501(c)(3), or specific 501(c)(4), charitable organizations serving Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte and DeSoto counties. Each profile reflects the organization’s commitment to transparency and includes comprehensive information about their results and impact, leadership, financial health, and more.

Note: The Community Foundation of Sarasota County has reviewed each profile in The Giving Partner for completeness; however, we depend on our nonprofit partners for the accuracy of the information provided. Eligibility for grants and other opportunities requires a profile to have a CURRENT status, which signifies that the organization has provided the required content and key information was reviewed by our team (this is not a grade, rating, or certification).

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