Fundraisers, Matching, Board Member and Volunteer Opportunities

You can make a difference for local nonprofit organizations by engaging in one or more opportunities available through The Giving Partner. Below are some great ways to show support for your favorite organizations!

Giving your time is always appreciated by nonprofit organizations.     

Fundraisers are essential to nonprofit organizations and matching opportunities further enhance donations! Here's how to search for fundraisers, matches or become a fundraiser yourself:  

  • Click here to Search for Fundraisers - Click on a fundraiser to learn more (purpose, goal, etc.) and gain insight on their work in our community.  
  • Click here to Become a Fundraiser - This is a great way to get involved and support your favorite organization(s)! If you've never fundraised before, don't worry! After signing up, you will be provided with a host of fundraising tools. Learn everything you need to know to become a fundraiser.