Board Success - Building Board Support & Excitement

Getting Your Board On Board!

Take your organization to new heights by leveraging your board members and their passion for your cause!

Organizations with engaged board members raise approximately 2-3 times more than those that don’t involve their board in the planning process and paves the way towards a stronger relationship with your organization’s board members. So how can you get your board excited? 

  1. Provide your board members with clear opportunities and steps to help your organization reach its goals
  2. Share regular updates 
  3. Leverage your board members as Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers to help expand your reach 
  4. Encourage board members to support your organization with social sharing and promotion within their networks
  5. Ask your board members to help you personally thank and steward your donors
  6. Don’t forget a “Thank You” to your board members for their help and hard work, and celebrate a job well done!

Board Kickoff Guide

At your next board meeting, have a fundraising campaign kickoff! Set aside 30 minutes to discuss your organization’s campaign goals and how board members can help achieve them! Involving your board early on in the planning process can have a great impact on overall success. Use this Kickoff Guide to start building excitement and support from your engaged board.

1. Introduction of Fundraising Campaign/Event

  • What is it?
  • When is it?
  • Who is hosting it?
  • What communities does it serve?
  • Why is your organization participating?

2. Overview of Past Achievements

Have you participated in a Giving Day in the past? Take the time to reflect on past experiences and remind your team of the lessons learned!

  • How much have you been able to raise?
  • How many donors have you engaged? Have you acquired new donors? 
  • Did you obtain any matching funds? Sponsors? 
  • Did you utilize any new tools or platforms? 
  • What did you learn? How can you improve? 

3. Specific Goals for Fundraising Campaign    

Before you jump into strategy, think about what you’d like your organization’s internal Campaign/Event goals to be. Starting here will help your team focus on better goal specific strategies when preparing!

  • How much do you hope to raise?
  • What projects, programs, or causes are you raising money for? 
  • How many donors do you hope to reach? How many new? How many recurring?
  • How do you plan on communicating with your supporter base?
  • How much in sponsorship matching dollars, prizes, and challenge incentives does your organization hope to secure?
  • What are your top internal goals? What will be your top external goals?

4. How Board Members Can Help with Fundraising Campaign  

One of the most important aspects of your fundraising campaign is making it clear to board members why their support is so important and how they can help make a difference. There are many ways in which your board can play a part in your organization’s success, and providing several clear calls to action will make it easier for board members to actively participate and help achieve your goals!

  • Serve on Fundraising Campaign specific committee 
  • Board Sponsored Matching Dollars or Challenge Incentive
  • Leverage their connections in the community to solicit financial or social partnerships around Campaign 
  • Serve as Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers and fundraise on behalf of your organization during Campaign 
  • Enlist social ambassadors to spread the word to their networks to help your organization expand its reach on social media 
  • Act as donor stewardship liaisons to help thank your Campaign supporters and begin fostering relationships 
  • Assist in hosting a special event for your organization and its supporters on Campaign    

5. Next Steps and Communication Plans for Campaign  

After you’ve kicked off the Campaign with your board members, you’ll likely have lots of great ideas flowing. Don’t lose that momentum! Make sure your organization has a clear communication plan for how you’ll stay in touch with your board members as you prepare and plan!

  • Send a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter focused specifically on your Campaign planning. Share your goals, exciting announcements, and provide clear opportunities and action steps your board members should take to help you succeed. 
  • Continue to include Campaign conversation in your regular board meetings as you prepare for the event. 

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